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Lovi Décor Flower Natural

Lovi Décor Flower Natural


Lovi Décor Flower 15 cm, 5.91 in.

Natural wood.

Postcard-like package.

Environmentally friendly domestic birch plywood


This sculptural flower is overflowing with the lightness, joy and abundance of blooming nature. The petals attach in layers forming a lush bloom.


Wooden creations from the forests of Finland.

Assemble your own Lovi figure or send as a gift to someone special.


Lovi products are manufactured in Lovi's own small factory in Jääli, North of Finland. They use domestic birch plywood in their products and their 

postcard-like package can be easily mailed.


Have fun painting your own flower!  Using Lovi watercolors, with water-based, non-toxic toy paint, you can create the color shades you want.

The package includes a high-quality brush and an easy pictorial color chart for mixing colors. . The natural surface of the birch shines through the paint layer.


Pictorial assembly instructions included. 

Designer: Anne Paso.

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