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About Lapin Curiosities

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Lapin Curiosities started with a vision of a creative space to exhibit artists and artisans with eye-opening perspectives, creating impressive and interactive moments for visiting customers, and curating a unique and whimsical collection of art, crafts, jewelry, and beyond.


It all happened during the Covid pandemic, when my husband and I reflected on what post-pandemic re-emergence might look like. 

At that time, Douglas was creating beautiful drawings of animals and landscapes inspired by the natural environment in the Northeast part of Brazil, where we spent one year.

During this time of reflection, one of Douglas’ drawings caught my attention.  It is called The Messenger.  It depicts a rabbit running or leaping, in midair, as you see on our logo.  Focused, aiming towards his goal.

Rabbits have long symbolized luck, creativity, and new beginnings in cultures around the world. The rabbit became our symbol.   


Today, Lapin Curiosities is the realization of that vision. My name is Cri (Cristina) Barbedo and together with Douglas Gilbert and Bea Barbedo, we have developed Lapin (lah-pahn), also French for rabbit. 


Lapin Curiosities is a family business, and we welcome other artists and artisans to be part of this experience.


One part gallery, one part gift shop, Lapin Curiosities is a creative space carefully curated to awaken and inspire your inner lapin – the curious little rabbit in all of us.

Shouldn’t we all strive to be curious and inquisitive?


I hope you will join us to appreciate art, find a gift that might inspire someone you love, or even spark a great idea of your own.

Explore our online store and visit us at our location, at Norad Mill in North Adams, Massachusetts.



And always… be curious!


Cri Barbedo


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