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The Team

Cri Barbedo
Cri Barbedo jeweler of Barbedo Studio and founder of LApin Curiosities.

Cri (Cristina) Barbedo

I am a jeweler and the founder of Barbedo Studio and Lapin Curiosities. 

I have been an artisan from a young age developing skills in crocheting, knitting, photography, pottery, and jewelry making.


Together with Douglas and Bea, we created Lapin Curiosities as a creative space to exhibit unique and whimsical collections of art, crafts, and jewelry, and with the intention to welcome other artists and artisans to be part of this experience.

Bea Barbedo

Ciao Amici,


Like Cri, with the influence and talent of our grandmothers, we learned to appreciate and be part of the wonderful world of crafts.

I make jewelry using the weaving technique, with Japanese beads and Swarovski crystals; I love exploring with colors, as I believe they are fundamental to our well-being for their influence on our balance and harmony.

I also work with crochet, making Amigurumi and other intricate crochet work.

With needle and thread in my hands, I can do magic.

Bea Barbedo, jeweler and founder of Atelier Barbedo
Bea Barbedo
Douglas Gilbert Art

Douglas Gilbert

Inspired by nature, quantum physics, mythology, and the human condition, my images materialize by the convergence of thousands of straight lines of varying sizes. 

My work reveals something familiar, but as the viewer looks closer, they get lost in the randomness of that particular area. In that moment I hope to create an opportunity for contemplation and connection.   

Douglas Gilbert

And when you visit Lapin Curiosities, you will meet ...

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