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Jewelry Care


We are always here to help you take care of your Barbedo Studio jewelry.

Our goal is to have an everlasting relationship with our customers and be part of their journey through our jewelry.

We are glad to help maintain, repair and even recycle old jewelry into something new.

Our jewelry comes in a Barbedo Studio branded white box with an insert to hold the piece, and wrapped with a silky navy blue ribbon.

Try to avoid perfume, lotion and chlorine on your jewelry.


Clean your jewelry in warm water with a mild liquid soap and gently scrub with a soft toothbrush. 

Dry your jewelry thoroughly with a soft cloth,

then use a polishing cloth to bring out your jewelry to a beautiful shine.

The glass bead, beaded necklaces and pearls jewelry should only be cleaned with a damp soft cloth, microfiber .

Avoid contact with water, detergents and other chemicals, as these can deteriorate the silk thread.

For more on jewelry care, I recommend reading this article: How to clean and care for sterling silver jewelry

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