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Lovi Watercolors

Lovi Watercolors


Take out the watercolors, dip the brush in the water and be the artist!

Use pure main colors or mix the shades a little. Add water to create more translucent surfaces; a drier brush will create a thicker, more opaque paint. 

Try new tones and techniques.


Lovi Watercolors color buttons are  made in Finland by A. Wennström Oy.  They are rich and highly pigmented. In addition, the colors are environmentally friendly and suitable for use by children.


There are eight color buttons: 2 x blue (ultramarine and Prussian), 2 x red (cinnabar and carmine), 2 x yellow (cadmium and chrome), white and black.


The watercolors are packed in plastic-free packaging and a good quality brush has been included.

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