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LAPIN contemporary

Douglas Gilbert:

Into Spring

March 21 - April 28, 2024

Norad Mill

60 Roberts Drive,

Studio 308

North Adams, MA

LAPIN contemporary is pleased to present the first solo exhibition of works by Douglas Gilbert, at 60 Roberts Drive, studio 308, in North Adams, MA.


On view from March 22 to April 28, 2024, Douglas Gilbert: Into Spring features a series of drawings representing animals, landscapes, and flora the artist has created over the last three years. This collection of drawings was inspired by the Berkshires as we leap from long winters into spring; and the resilience of humans to push toward a new beginning. 


In the last 20 years, Douglas Gilbert’s practice has centered around nature, quantum physics, mythology, and the human condition.  The rabbit, which presents different meanings around the world, represents here a new beginning.  After experiencing a pandemic which paralyzed the whole world, creating emotional distress in all different aspects of life, the artist’s work manifests with the symbolism of the rabbit as a new beginning and a messenger of life persisting. 


In this series of drawings, the artist presents his unique and vibrant style with an abstract, figurative, and expressionistic approach.  “My images materialize by the convergence of thousands of straight lines of varying sizes,” he says, giving the viewer “an opportunity of contemplation and connection.”  The landscapes, animals and flora are abstract while creating resonant reflections of reality.


Douglas Gilbert (b. 1967, New York) received his bachelor’s degrees in fine arts and art history in 1990 from Cornell University, Ithaca, NY.

He works with graphite, ink, and charcoal on archival papers. 

The artist views his line work as "particles that by chance, or design, find each other to become something else."  This labor-intensive way in which he approaches drawing forces him to spend time with each piece, getting lost in the moment.  His work reveals something familiar, but as the viewer looks closer, they get lost in the randomness of that particular area. In that moment he hopes to create an opportunity for contemplation and connection.


His work has been included in group shows and private collections.


The artist lives and works in the Berkshires, in Massachusetts.

LAPINcontemporary is an emerging gallery focused on contemporary emerging and existing artists.

Contact: Cristina Barbedo.

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