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Lovi Dragonfly

Lovi Dragonfly


Lovi Dragonfly, 10 cm, 4 in.

Light Blue.

Postcard-like package.

Environmentally friendly domestic birch plywood.


Dragonflies are among the oldest known insect species. They scurry through the grass, flutter when the sun's rays hit their shiny wings and dance with the wind.


Wooden creations from the forests of Finland.

Assemble your own Lovi figure or send as a gift to someone special.


Lovi products are manufactured in Lovi's own small factory in Jääli, North of Finland. They use domestic birch plywood in their products and their 

postcard-like package can be easily mailed.


Painted by hand, with water-based, non-toxic toy paint. The natural surface of the birch shines through the paint layer.


Pictorial assembly instructions included. 

Designer: Anne Paso.


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